Photographing Models in Chelsea, NYC | EP 3 Lindsay Adler

In this 3rd episode of Street Studio, we took Lindsay Adler out of her famous Manhattan studio and into the art and fashion-filled streets of Chelsea, to turn a regular day into something spectacular. With her unbelievable eye for beauty and her skillful process, Lindsay blew our minds with her vision and the way she can capture a person in time. Showing their personality and life in her images, Lindsay knocked this episode out of the park by using V-Flats to create shadows, add natural fill and in one case blow everything out in bright white light for an 80’s high-fashion look. With her trusty camera and two Foldable V-Flats, one light was more than enough for Lindsay to work her magic. These images will blow your mind as Lindsay proves she does not need the fancy studio and intricate setup to create masterpieces that are full of life and character.

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