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by Greg Thomason

Weddings and receptions can be extremely stressful to plan, but the memories last a lifetime. The best way to capture those precious moments is by adding a photography backdrop to your reception. Not only can you capture valuable moments that you will look back on forever, it also puts a creative twist on entertaining wedding guests as well as a way to photograph candid moments alongside your wedding photographer.

Elevate your wedding photography and add a special touch to your reception by adding one of these wedding backdrop options:

Chalkboard Backdrop

Chalkboard backdrops can be easily tailored to your wedding theme by adding personalized writing or art to the backdrops. Your guests are also able to interact with the photography backdrop by adding their own art or messages for the bride and groom to read later on or in photos. Chalkboard backgrounds can be bought, painted onto a surface or built, providing a myriad of possibilities.

Life-Sized Polaroid Backdrop

This is a fun way to take photos that will make forever memories. A polaroid wedding backdrop can be simply created in a do-it-yourself manner or bought depending on your wedding budget. Take the polaroid background and personalize it with names or dates to add sentiment. You can either let this photography backdrop hang or have guests hold it up for an easy and fun wedding photo touch.

Floral Arrangement or Greenery Backdrop

A floral arrangement or greenery backdrop is a beautiful way to not only include a photography backdrop but also create a piece of decor for your wedding that guests will oo and awe over. Depending on your wedding theme and budget, you can use either fresh or silk flowers or droop vines of greenery. Guests will not only love the decor aspect, but be able to create beautiful photos to remember for a lifetime.

V Flat Backdrop

V Flats are a practical and simple way to take professional looking photos at your wedding. Not only are V-Flats affordable and fit nearly every wedding budget, they were created by photographers to precisely control highlights and light flow as well as deepen shadows with the black or white human-sized modifier. V-Flats are two sided, with one side white and one side black, allowing you to customize the decor on either side and truly make the photography backdrop your own. Guests can use photo props and truly make wedding photos special and personable. Search for a V-Flat for your wedding here.

Arch Backdrop

Arches are perfect decorations for your wedding reception and may double as a photography backdrop. Imagine not only making a grand entrance to your reception through a floral, wooden or colorful arch, but also having a place where your guests can cut loose and take photographs to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Framed Photo Backdrop

Having a collage of frames is a way to create a backdrop that is not only fun for guests but also can be very budget friendly. Many different types of frames - large or small, decorative or plain - can be added for a personal and creative touch, making each photo unique and special depending on which frame is chosen. Resale stores such as Goodwill or antique stores provide a way to get a large variety of different frames that are specific to you or the wedding theme.

Suspended Object Backdrop

One way to add a special touch to your wedding photography backdrop is by creating a backdrop using suspended objects. There are many different suspended objects that you can hang for your backdrop to make it your own and match your wedding theme. Ideas of suspended objects would be glitter fringe, stringed lights or paper twists. Many times, this can be a DIY touch to your wedding so that your photography backdrop does not break the bank, yet is still a place where guests can cut loose and capture special wedding moments.

Final Thoughts

Photography backdrops do not have to be difficult or expensive to make your wedding or wedding photos special. Many times, your wedding backdrops can be DIY or less than $200. There are many wedding photography backdrops to choose from to make your wedding day personalized to your wedding theme and commemorate your wedding photos. You and your guests will make memories that last a lifetime on your wedding day and reception - so make sure your photography backdrop is something special as well.

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