Benefits of Using Photography Backdrops (Video)

by Greg Thomason

Photography backdrops can provide unparalleled depth and control to your photos, while allowing you to establish any scene you’d like to capture. By using a variety of backdrops in your photography portfolio, a diverse collection of art pieces can be created.

Control your Pictures

No matter what field of photography you find yourself drawn to, backdrops are commonly used by professionals in almost every type of photography, from tabletop art to portraits. Different colors and finishes can be used to amplify certain features of the photo, while shadows may be drawn out in other areas. Certain backdrops fulfil alternate purposes, giving a unique effect between backdrops and the subject of focus. Experimenting with different photography backdrops will provide artists with a consistent platform to adjust lighting and bring their pictures to life.

Make your Pictures Memorable

Nobody wants to look through pictures that have nothing going on behind the object. Even using solid black or white backdrops will provide depth to the picture versus the living room wall or whatever your first choice may be. From professional photography to phone-camera pictures, backdrops provide some kind of scene or added dimension to an otherwise uneventful photo. Using natural surroundings, do it yourself backdrop boards and manufactured backdrops are all viable choices for any artist who would like to elevate their photography.

Take Viewers on a Trip

If you are set in the same situation as millions of other artists, using your actual surroundings may not yield the most photogenic results. Not only that, but you only have so many walls to shoot in front of and any customers will probably expect some kind of background to their picture. Backdrops are used by photographers around the world to transform dull, unusable backgrounds into the perfect photography environment. Using different textures and colors, basic boards can be utilized in forming any backdrop you’d like. Different photography backdrops have been used by masters of the craft to bring all types of backgrounds to life including brick walls, jungle scenery, shiplap and fencing. Anything imaginable can be replicated with the proper skill, material and time. While the possibilities are endless, purchasing backdrops may give you an unexpectedly large variety of designs. Wherever you are shooting, you can transport viewers to an entirely different location using backdrops in your photography. For little cost, you can stock up on backdrops to suit any upcoming photo shoots.

Set Contrast

Whatever the focus of your photography is, having contrast will improve the quality of your pictures. With photography backdrops, the ideal contrast can be achieved while using any background you’d like. When artists are able to apply contrast, the subject of interest will be amplified, pushing the object or person to the front of focus. Some backdrops even come with complimentary designs, so that the same board can be used for the ultimate contrasting effect. Take your contrast beyond black and white by exploring how other artists have succeeded in creating the perfect contrast effect using a variety of backdrops.

High Quality Backdrops

There are numerous benefits to using any type of backdrop, providing enhanced control over picture qualities and a passport to any scene that you wish to create. For a professional feeling product that will bring longevity and consistency, V-flat backdrops can be purchased to provide maximum light control with an elegant background. High quality Backdrop boards allow artists to use far less setup equipment during their shoot, giving security and convenience that cannot be delivered by most do it yourself boards. These V-flat boards are ideal for quick setup and improved lighting control.

Overall Benefits

Photography Backdrops have a powerful effect on how the image is perceived, carrying the ability to change lighting effects and controlling depth in the photograph. Developing depth and contrast within your photos will turn them into a conversation piece, ensuring the pictures don’t fall flat. Photos should take you to another place, so use backdrops to set any atmosphere you can imagine.

Are you not one to make your own equipment or photography backgrounds? Do it yourself products are not for everyone, and companies that specialize in backdrops are able to provide unmatched expertise in creating the perfect setting. The high quality material and construction of these backdrop boards can extend the use received from your backdrops and let you continue growing the collection.

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“I’m really loving how I can turn into a background, use it to fill shadow or add more shadows, and also as a changing room lol. I’m loving it.”

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