sharin portraits

Failed Execution, Stunning Results

by Greg Barragan

During the thick of the pandemic shut down, I began going through a...

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baroque style photography

Using V-Flats to Imitate Paintings

by Greg Thomason

As a kid I bought a Rembrandt painting for over $100,000. It was...

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model with paint on her face

Flags and Reflectors

by Tina Eisen

In the search of taking that perfectly lit image, striving to constantly...

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v-flats portraits cosplay joker

Why So Photographic?

by Jody Cortes at Tamron

After attending last year’s WPPI, I was able to obtain and test some...

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v-flats for promotional photo shoot

V-Flats to Boost Shadows

by Bryan Esler at Photofocus

I recently was tasked with scheduling two photoshoots with our local...

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1 minute V-flat

1 Minute V-Flat

by Kevin Ames at Photofocus

I have used V-flats my entire career as a studio photographer...

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modifying light with portable foldable vflat

Modifying light with V-flats

by Vanelli at Photofocus

A set of V-flats is one of the most versatile — but not often...

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My black light selfie experiment

by Erin Holmstead at Photofocus

Confession: I love a good selfie! I am taking selfies all the time — and...

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How to use V-flats to light a group

by Levi Sim at Photofocus

When you light a portrait, a good rule of thumb is that your light...

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Laws of Light: How to Light Metal

by Morgan at the Slanted Lens

We are going to show you how to light metal objects...

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Shooting Architecture & Interiors

by Brian Berkowitz

Roughly five years ago I made the transition from shooting weddings and portraits...

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SLR Lounge

by Kishore Sawh

There are few tools a photographer can use that are as versatile and broadly useful as V-Flats...

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by Michael Zhang

The V-flat is a common tool used by portrait photographers, but it has historically been a do-it-yourself product everyone builds for themselves...

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White VS Black

by John Letterer

It's the subtle differences that make all the difference sometimes. Our beautiful model was presenting a challenge to me because whichever way I shot her she looked good...

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Art of the V-Flat

by Ashley Gruskin

V-Flats have been around for years, nobody knows who’s idea it was to take two foam boards and put them together making the “V” shape and becoming a photography studio essential...

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by Erin Holmstead

I was recently able to get my hands on one of the hottest items in the photography world…

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