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By lindsay Adler

V-Flats are no longer a DIY product

Here at V-Flat World, our mission is to produce high-quality V-Flats. In addition to being a studio necessity, our V-Flats are foldable and portable so you can take it with you on location. 

v-flats are no longer a DIY item. Don't build your own v-flat, buy a foldable v-flat

Use V-Flat as a background

Placing the V-Flat behind your subject can create a white or black backdrop depending on what side you use it on. This is most effective for headshots.

Use V-Flat as fill light

This method is a great way to bounce back light onto your subject whether it be from a strobe or a window. Having a white surface this large gives you more control of your environment

Use V-Flat to Subtract light

This effect is the exact opposite of the previous scenario. by having a large black surface, you can soak up unwanted light as well as add dramatic shadows to your subject.

Use V-Flat to bounce Strobes

This is a great way to cast very soft evenly spread light onto your subject. The large white surface acts as your diffuser. In addition it's a great way to light a backdrop with an even spread of light.

How to use our V-Flats

How to use our V-Flats

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