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Duo Boards

Supercharge your still life photography with our Double Sided, Ultra Realistic, Washable & Portable Duo Boards. For product & food photography.

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Top SellerWhite Subway Tile/Ebony Subway TileWhite Subway Tile/Ebony Subway Tile
Top SellerWhite Subway Tile/Ebony Subway Tile - XLWhite Subway Tile/Ebony Subway Tile - XL
Top SellerOnyx Marble/Alpine MarbleOnyx Marble/Alpine Marble
Onyx Marble/Alpine Marble Sale price$74.95
Top SellerOnyx Marble/Alpine Marble - XLOnyx Marble/Alpine Marble - XL
NewWood Slats Light/Wood Slats DarkWood Slats Light/Wood Slats Dark
NewWood Slats Light/Wood Slats Dark - XLWood Slats Light/Wood Slats Dark - XL
NewWhite Gloss/White MatteWhite Gloss/White Matte
White Gloss/White Matte Sale price$64.95
NewWhite Gloss/White Matte - XLWhite Gloss/White Matte - XL
NewBlack Gloss/Black MatteBlack Gloss/Black Matte
Black Gloss/Black Matte Sale price$64.95
NewBlack Gloss/Black Matte - XLBlack Gloss/Black Matte - XL
TrendingPlastered Pink/Barn Door BluePlastered Pink/Barn Door Blue
TrendingPlastered Pink/Barn Door Blue - XLPlastered Pink/Barn Door Blue - XL
Dark Roast/Moroccan MudDark Roast/Moroccan Mud
Dark Roast/Moroccan Mud Sale price$74.95
Dark Roast/Moroccan Mud - XLDark Roast/Moroccan Mud - XL
Miami Sky/Sahara SandMiami Sky/Sahara Sand
Miami Sky/Sahara Sand Sale price$74.95
Miami Sky/Sahara Sand - XLMiami Sky/Sahara Sand - XL
Miami Sky/Sahara Sand - XL Sale price$119.95
Duo Board BagDuo Board Bag
Duo Board Bag Sale priceFrom $149.95
NewThe Prop ClothThe Prop Cloth
The Prop Cloth Sale price$34.95

3 colors available

Top SellerIced Concrete/Midnight CementIced Concrete/Midnight Cement
Top SellerIced Concrete/Midnight Cement - XLIced Concrete/Midnight Cement - XL
Wisp Tile/Pebble TileWisp Tile/Pebble Tile
Wisp Tile/Pebble Tile Sale price$74.95
Wisp Tile/Pebble Tile - XLWisp Tile/Pebble Tile - XL
Wisp Tile/Pebble Tile - XL Sale price$119.95
Whitewash/Hickory PlanksWhitewash/Hickory Planks
Whitewash/Hickory Planks Sale price$74.95
Whitewash/Hickory Planks - XLWhitewash/Hickory Planks - XL
Top SellerVintage Oak/Ink HardwoodVintage Oak/Ink Hardwood
Vintage Oak/Ink Hardwood Sale price$74.95
Top SellerVintage Oak/Ink Hardwood - XLVintage Oak/Ink Hardwood - XL
Raw Concrete/Vintage PlasterRaw Concrete/Vintage Plaster
Raw Concrete/Vintage Plaster - XLRaw Concrete/Vintage Plaster - XL
Ocean Slate/Black SlateOcean Slate/Black Slate
Ocean Slate/Black Slate Sale price$74.95
Ocean Slate/Black Slate - XLOcean Slate/Black Slate - XL
Carrara Blue/Calacatta GoldCarrara Blue/Calacatta Gold
Carrara Blue/Calacatta Gold - XLCarrara Blue/Calacatta Gold - XL
Grey Chalk/Dark ChalkGrey Chalk/Dark Chalk
Grey Chalk/Dark Chalk Sale price$74.95
Grey Chalk/Dark Chalk - XLGrey Chalk/Dark Chalk - XL
Grey Chalk/Dark Chalk - XL Sale price$119.95
Aged Cutting Board/Butchers BoardAged Cutting Board/Butchers Board
Aged Cutting Board/Butchers Board - XLAged Cutting Board/Butchers Board - XL
Linen White/Linen CreamLinen White/Linen Cream
Linen White/Linen Cream Sale price$74.95
Linen White/Linen Cream - XLLinen White/Linen Cream - XL
Zigzag Marble White/Zigzag Marble BlackZigzag Marble White/Zigzag Marble Black
Zigzag Marble White/Zigzag Marble Black - XLZigzag Marble White/Zigzag Marble Black - XL
Coral Wash/90's BluesCoral Wash/90's Blues
Coral Wash/90's Blues Sale price$74.95
Coral Wash/90's Blues - XLCoral Wash/90's Blues - XL
Coral Wash/90's Blues - XL Sale price$119.95
RosΓ© Hue/Washed PigmentRosΓ© Hue/Washed Pigment
RosΓ© Hue/Washed Pigment - XLRosΓ© Hue/Washed Pigment - XL
French Clay/Terracotta BlushFrench Clay/Terracotta Blush
French Clay/Terracotta Blush - XLFrench Clay/Terracotta Blush - XL
TrendingCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry CrimsonCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry Crimson
TrendingCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry Crimson - XLCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry Crimson - XL
Terrazzo A/Terrazzo BTerrazzo A/Terrazzo B
Terrazzo A/Terrazzo B Sale price$74.95
Terrazzo A/B - XLTerrazzo A/B - XL
Terrazzo A/B - XL Sale price$119.95

Learn duo boards

Realistic Texture, Unreal Results.

A new way to shoot still life photography. Created by and for photographers with high standards.

Floor + Wall

Use the included Duo legs with two Duo Boards to create a seamless floor to wall setup.

You Move, Your Boards Do Too.

Our padded travel bag Fits 5 + Duo Boards and turns your boards into a complete "on the go" studio.

Get the bag

Add Shadows, Add Drama.

We designed a full product line called Shadow Boards to pair perfectly with your Duo Boards.

Shadow Boards