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The Artist Collection

Handcrafted designs and timeless textures, made by brilliant artists. The Artist Collection features a curated catalogue of handmade Duo Board textures with design elements that come to life under your lens. Working with natural minerals, timeless colors, and three dimensional textures, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite handmade backdrops known as "The Artist Collection".

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TrendingPlastered Pink/Barn Door BluePlastered Pink/Barn Door Blue
TrendingPlastered Pink/Barn Door Blue - XLPlastered Pink/Barn Door Blue - XL
Miami Sky/Sahara SandMiami Sky/Sahara Sand
Miami Sky/Sahara Sand Sale price$74.95
Miami Sky/Sahara Sand - XLMiami Sky/Sahara Sand - XL
Miami Sky/Sahara Sand - XL Sale price$119.95
Dark Roast/Moroccan MudDark Roast/Moroccan Mud
Dark Roast/Moroccan Mud Sale price$74.95
Dark Roast/Moroccan Mud - XLDark Roast/Moroccan Mud - XL
TrendingCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry CrimsonCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry Crimson
TrendingCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry Crimson - XLCobalt Blueberry/Cranberry Crimson - XL
Emerald City/Citrus BurstEmerald City/Citrus Burst
Emerald City/Citrus Burst Sale price$74.95
Emerald City/Citrus Burst - XLEmerald City/Citrus Burst - XL
French Clay/Terracotta BlushFrench Clay/Terracotta Blush
French Clay/Terracotta Blush - XLFrench Clay/Terracotta Blush - XL
Grey Chalk/Dark ChalkGrey Chalk/Dark Chalk
Grey Chalk/Dark Chalk Sale price$74.95
Grey Chalk/Dark Chalk - XLGrey Chalk/Dark Chalk - XL
Grey Chalk/Dark Chalk - XL Sale price$119.95
Coral Wash/90's BluesCoral Wash/90's Blues
Coral Wash/90's Blues Sale price$74.95
Coral Wash/90's Blues - XLCoral Wash/90's Blues - XL
Coral Wash/90's Blues - XL Sale price$119.95
Rosé Hue/Washed PigmentRosé Hue/Washed Pigment
Rosé Hue/Washed Pigment Sale price$74.95
Rosé Hue/Washed Pigment - XLRosé Hue/Washed Pigment - XL

Textures That Come To Life Right Under Your Lens.