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Our goal is to keep innovating and to continuously provide functional, and stress-free products so that photographers everywhere can continue creating beauty that will transcend them and this company. Whether it's for the studio or for an on-location shoot, you'll always be ready with an assortment of portable, innovative products from V-Flat World to help boost your photography powers.

Image of Tuvy Lemburg

V-Flat World came to life in the summer of 2018 when Tuvy Lemberg, a former fashion photographer, got fed up with the difficulty involved in finding and buying the materials needed to make a V-Flat.

With V-Flats being so widely used across the professional photography industry, it was quite astonishing that for so long the only option was to DIY.

* * *

Enter V Flat World.

Only reputable American manufacturers are selected, and pristine foam-core boards are custom cut and brought in for quality inspection.

At V-Flat World, we created not only a better V-Flat, but one that you can easily fold into your car, and take with you wherever the light bounces.


Portability is important to you. Whether around the studio or with you on location, V-Flat World provides mobility in functional design to save you time, money, and maybe some white hairs.

Interestingly enough, the foldable aspect was not only a way for portability but also a way to bring down the crazy oversize shipping costs. In the process, we created something truly unique. A product that not only offers extreme portability, but also provided us with a variety of new uses for the once rigid and upright V-Flat.

Old wobbly & stressful V-Flats can finally be a thing of the past. With our state of the art V-flats, you can bounce, add, subtract, and control the light in any environment like never before.

We are based on the East Coast in New Jersey. And proudly manufacture all of our products entirely in the U.S.

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