"The Demand For Content Is Growing Everyday, We make the tools you need to create".

Founder and CEO Tuvy Lemberg

How it all began

I started my photography journey when I was 19 years old, my first camera was a Canon 6D (this was back in 2012). My passion was always fashion, I was inspired by the full page ads I would see in GQ or Vogue for the high end fashion brands. As I outgrew my natural light capabilities I ventured on to Youtube University ;) That's where I tell people I attended school because I literally learnt everything from there.

I began learning all about artificial light. After a few months of experimenting with strobes I was obsessed. One day I stumbled into a video by the amazing Sue Bryce, it was all about V-Flats. I loved what they were able to do, I didn't even know the concept of negative fill, it was amazing how you can get that level of control with these huge black and white boards. I searched high and low and could not find them available anywhere. It made no sense because the more I read up about them the more I realized all the pros in the industry were using them, but how? They were not for sale anywhere, the only option was to DIY them. I had about twenty tabs on my computer open for 3 months until I decided I am going to do something about this… 100,000 V-Flats later….


The First Foldable V-Flat

In the summer of 2018 we brought the first foldable V-Flat to market in the US. We have sold close to 100,000 V-Flats since then...

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In mid 2019 we started selling Internationally throughout Europe and the UK. We love our photographers abroad :)

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Vegas. Covid. Panic.

We did a big trade show in vegas only to come back to Jersey (home state) to the world shutting down for covid. We went through some tough times but came out stronger and ready for growth.


Duo Boards

We released the coolest most badass double sided backdrops for food and product photographers.

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The Light Cone x Karl Taylor

We partnered up with the legendary commercial photographer Karl Taylor to bring you 360 degree diffusion for reflective objects.

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More to come, stay tuned...