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Far too many photographers have an arsenal of gear that is never touched, the issue is functionality and ease of use. My goal is to create highly effective and functional products that you'll love.

Founder Tuvy Lemberg


The car test

Founded in the summer of 2018 our first foldable V-Flat was developed and tested in my parents basement. The main goal? That it can fit into my Toyota Camry. Portability is everything and if I was going to innovate and offer something useful it had to be able to be transported easily.

Sell sell sell

Rapid Growth

In our second year in business we focused on growth and getting the foldable V-Flat into the hands of as many photographers as possible. BH Photo, Adorama & Amazon all picked up our product which allowed us to grow rapidly. We went from 0 to 50,000 IG followers within the first year.

Expanding product lines

Duo Boards

In 2020 we decided to go full on food/product photography. Why? Because we felt there was huge room in the portable backdrop market and there was pretty much no quality backdrops in good size options on the market.

Growing pains

New warehouse

We outgrew our first two shared spaces warehouses and decided to finally invest in a space of our own. Of course the first thing we did was close off a corner and designate it for our photography studio.

Street Studio Series

Adorama x V-Flat world

We Partnered up with Adorama TV to bring you a fun and entertaining youtube series where we approach strangers on the street to photograph them.

Innovation in jewelry photography

The Light cone x karl taylor

We partnered up with the incredible Karl Taylor to bring you the amazing Light Cone, the most badass way to remove ugly reflections from shiny objects.

Way more coming...

Shadow boards and some secrets

We introduced our new line of Shadow Boards to pair with our Duo Boards. And big progress on an all new V-Flat. Can't share anymore ye but stay tuned...

Logo comparison


Check out our very first logo that costed us 95 dollars. Should we go back?



Words from our Pros

I use theme everyday pretty much. when they first came out I thought this was genius "a folding V-Flat" this will save me a ton of space in my studio.

Lindsay Adler

Shabang! I've been using V-Flats for years. I used to have to walk up broadway to a supply store and make them myself. Image walking down broadway with 8 foot foam board sheets, now try making a turn and not knocking people over.

Peter Hurley

I never used V-Flats until 2-3 years ago because I was a natural light shooter but as I started doing more studio work V-Flats have instantly become a staple item in my kit. I travel a lot and they are always with me in my trunk.

Dani Diamond

As a portrait photographer and a lighting fanatic my biggest thing I always tell other photographers starting out is "try removing light as opposed to adding" the V-Flats are great for negative fill especially if you are in a room white room with bounce all over the place.

Joel Grimes

V-Flat World BTS

At the BH Photo booth

Black friday madness

On set with Lindsay

how many famous photogs can you count?

Trade show madness