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Article: How to Create 3 Different Beauty Lighting Setups Using V-Flats

How to Create 3 Different Beauty Lighting Setups Using V-Flats

In the world of studio photography, versatility is key. As a professional fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler has discovered a tool that has become indispensable in her creative process: V-Flats. These seemingly simple pieces of equipment offer endless possibilities and have become an essential part of many a photographer's toolkit.

V-Flats are essentially large, foldable panels usually made of foam core or other lightweight materials. What makes them so special is their ability to control, bounce, or block light, providing photographers with unparalleled flexibility in shaping and manipulating their lighting setups. While there are many modifiers available to photographers, few can match the versatility of V-Flats.

In this video, Lindsay shares how she leverages V-Flats in her studio to create stunning beauty lighting setups. Through simple tweaks in placement and usage, she's able to achieve dramatically different results with just a single modifier, a few strobes, and V-Flats.

The Power of V-Flats in Beauty Lighting

Lindsay says one of the reasons she loves V-Flats is their ability to adapt to various lighting scenarios effortlessly. Whether she needs to soften harsh light, create dramatic shadows, or add a subtle fill, V-Flats are her go-to solution.

In the video, she demonstrates three beauty lighting setups that showcase the versatility of V-Flats:

Setup 1: Golden Skin Tones with V-Flats as Fill

In this setup, Lindsay uses V-Flats to create warm, flattering light that enhances the model's skin tones. By positioning the V-Flats strategically, she was able to bounce light gently onto the subject, resulting in a soft, natural glow. The V-Flats acted as fill light, helping to reduce shadows and create a more even complexion.

Portrait of model with golden skin tones.

Setup 2: Dramatic Beauty with V-Flats as Negative Fill

For a more dramatic look, you can use V-Flats as negative fill to deepen shadows and add contrast to the scene. By placing the V-Flats on either side of the model, Lindsay effectively blocked light from spilling onto the background, creating a striking, high-contrast image with bold shadows and highlights.

Beauty portrait of model in striking black and white showing negative fill.

Setup 3: Glowing Beauty within a V-Flat

In this setup, Lindsay takes advantage of the unique properties of V-Flats to create a soft, ethereal glow around the model. By positioning a light source behind a partially opened V-Flat, she's able to create a beautiful, diffused light that envelops the subject, giving them a radiant, glowing appearance.

Professional portrait of model with glowing effect.

The Convenience of Collapsible V-Flats

One of the challenges Lindsays says she faced before discovering collapsible V-Flats was the space they occupied in her studio. Traditional V-Flats made of foam core were large and cumbersome, making them difficult to store and transport. However, the V-Flats she uses now from V-Flat World are collapsible, making them much more convenient to work with – no matter if you're in studio or on location.

Their collapsible design allows photographers to set up and break down their studio quickly and easily, without sacrificing the quality of light the boards provide. This convenience has truly transformed Lindsay's workflow, allowing her to focus more on creating stunning images and less on the logistics of her setup.

After seeing the results achieved with V-Flats in Lindsay's beauty lighting setups, you might be wondering if they’re worth adding to your own photography arsenal. Absolutely! Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting out, V-Flats offer unmatched versatility and can elevate your photography to new heights.

So, what do you think? Are V-Flats something you’d consider adding to your toolkit? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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