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Article: Light It Like Jeff: Using Cellophane Wrap in Photography | EP 7

Light It Like Jeff: Using Cellophane Wrap in Photography | EP 7

Today, Jeff Carpenter takes us on a journey, demonstrating a creative photography effect using cellophane wrap to transform ordinary portraits into extraordinary works of art. Watch the video to see how Jeff uses cellophane wrap to create mesmerizing effects in portrait photography.

The Lighting Setup in This Video


Jeff kicks things off by positioning a 1x4 strip box as the backlight, casting a soft glow that adds depth to the scene. By angling it just right, he's able to create dimension on the red curtain in the background.


To make his subject pop, Jeff needs to get the lighting just right, so he brings in a trusty V-Flat to bounce a bit of light back onto the model, Allee's, face, giving her that perfect glow.

Secondary Light

Even with the main light and V-Flat in place, Jeff encounters a common challenge: getting the exposure spot-on without sacrificing the overall vibe. That's where his secondary light, a Profoto B10 with barn doors, comes into play.

Aiming the secondary light at just the right spot on the V-Flat, Jeff's able to add the extra light needed but only exposing Allee's face.

The Cellophane Wrap

Jeff's secret weapon is a rainbow-colored cellophane wrap, adding a whimsical touch to the composition. Wrapping it around the lens, he harnesses the light from the backlight and secondary sources to get this creative photography effect, framing Allee's face with a colorful border.

Creative photography effect using rainbow cellophane to frame a portrait.


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