Street Studio: Design District Miami, FL | Emmanuel Phillips | Ep 13

For Episode 13 of Street Studio, we head into the glitzy, art-filled realm of The Design District. We are joined by the talented and creative Emmanuel Phillips, as V-Flat World and Adorama near the end of Street Studio, Miami.

Emmanuel is an astonishing creator and photographer, hailing from the Virgin Islands whose keen eye is something to behold. Some say it's bad luck to have a 13th episode altogether, however Street Studio is about breaking the norm and going out on a limb.

With only a camera and some Foldable V-Flats, we head out into the wild to create up-close and personal art, turning strangers into models and pushing the boundaries of what a professional photo is. With Emmanuel’s outside-the-box thinking, he took this episode to a whole new level as he catches some breathtaking shots of beautiful strangers, all captured live and on camera in our Street Studio.



Photographer: Emmanuel Phillips


Second Shooter

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“I’m really loving how I can turn into a background, use it to fill shadow or add more shadows, and also as a changing room lol. I’m loving it.”

Jefferson L.