Food photography on steroids.

Crush your competition and indulge in our double sided hyper realistic backgrounds. Available in two sizes.


Double Sided

Each Duo Board is double sided adding twice the value and creating capabilities.


Ultra Definition

Resolution to the highest standard, tested & used by top commercial photographers.


Floor + Wall

Use our included Duo legs to create a seamless floor to wall setup.


Available in two sizes

24 x 24 and 30 x 40 inches

Build your bundle

Ebony Subway Tile Top White Subway Tile Top
Ebony Subway Tile Bottom White Subway Tile Bottom
Onyx Marble Top Alpine Marble Top
Onyx Marble Bottom Alpine Marble Bottom
Vintage Oak Top Ink Hardwood Top
Vintage Oak Bottom Ink Hardwood Bottom
Hickory Planks Top Whitewash Top
Hickory Planks Bottom Whitewash Bottom
Butchers Board Top Aged Cutting Board Top
Butchers Board Bottom Aged Cutting Board Bottom
Iced Concrete Top Midnight Cement Top
Iced Concrete Bottom Midnight Cement Bottom
Black Slate Top Ocean Slate Top
Black Slate Bottom Ocean Slate Bottom
Coral Wash Top 90's Blues Top
Coral Wash Bottom 90's Blues Bottom
Grey Chalk Top Dark Chalk Top
Grey Chalk Bottom Dark Chalk Bottom
Washed Pigment Top Rosé Hue Top
Washed Pigment Bottom Rosé Hue Bottom
Sunflower Burst Top Faded Stone Top
Sunflower Burst Bottom Faded Stone Bottom
Zigzag Marble Black Top Zigzag Marble White Top
Zigzag Marble Black Bottom Zigzag Marble White Bottom
Linen White Top Linen White Top
Linen White Bottom Linen White Bottom
Terrazzo A Top Terrazzo B Top
Terrazzo A Bottom Terrazzo B Bottom