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Article: Photographing a Charcuterie Board with 1 LED Light (Video) | Duo Boards

Photographing a Charcuterie Board with 1 LED Light (Video) | Duo Boards

In our latest video tutorial, we're joined by the incredible food photographer Monique Sourinho, who shows us a mouth-watering charcuterie board photography setup. Watch to learn tips and tricks for photographing a captivating cheese and charcuterie board using just one LED light and a Duo Board.

Setting the Stage: Choosing the Right Background

Monique begins by selecting a Duo Board with darker tones (the Ocean Slate/Black Slate Duo Board). This choice ensures that the background complements rather than distracts from the delicious spread ahead. A dark tray serves as the anchor, grounding the composition and guiding the viewer's focus.

Artful Arrangement: Assembling the Board

Next, Monique carefully arranges the components of the charcuterie board. She opts for a variety of cheeses, each selected not only for its flavor profile but also for its visual appeal. From hard cheeses to soft and creamy blues, each type is strategically placed to create a balanced and textured look.

To add contrast and freshness, Monique incorporates an assortment of fruits. These not only complement the cheeses but also provide pops of color that enhance the overall aesthetic. The careful placement of smaller elements like seeds, nuts, and berries fills in gaps and adds a sense of abundance to the composition. She also integrates additional plates with tiny jams and honeys that inject bursts of color and depth into the scene.

Charcuterie board food photography setup on black duo board.

Using a Continuous LED Light Effectively

Highlighting the benefits of using a continuous LED light source, Monique demonstrates how it can manipulate shadows and play with translucency, enhancing the board's allure. By experimenting with the placement and intensity of the light, she enhances the textures and depth of the composition and brings out each element's unique qualities.

Food photography charcuterie board setup with one light.

Check out the final image:

Professional food photo of charcuterie board with meat, cheese, and fruits.

Through Monique's thoughtful approach to styling and lighting, she transforms a simple charcuterie board into a captivating visual feast. Her tips and techniques are great for photographers of all levels. So give it a try – experiment and create your own stunning food compositions and invite your viewers to savor both the visual and gastronomic delights captured in each image!

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