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In 2021, amidst a world still reeling from a pandemic, V-Flat World released a series of product and food photography backdrops for food and product photographers called Duo Boards. Aptly named, these double-sided photo backdrop boards burst on the scene ready to create images with photographers of all skill levels. A definite bright spot in 2021, Duo Boards upped the game for high-volume commercial photographers as well as small-scale businesses and influencers working out of their homes.

If you’re looking to easily enhance your imagery, these boards know how to bring it. Made of rigid and sturdy PVC, each Duo Board undergoes ultra-high definition printing at 1000 DPI. These anti-glare, hyper-realistic backdrops have an uncanny resemblance to their given names. Names like Onyx Marble, Vintage Plaster, Hickory Planks, and White Subway Tile — just a few of the nearly 40 + surfaces that V-Flat world currently offers. And there will no doubt be more designs in the future.

Feature-Filled Convenience

Having walked in the world of photography ourselves, we at V-Flat World understand the needs of product and food photographers. That’s why we’ve made it effortless to create realistic scenes anywhere, anytime, with features you’ll appreciate.

image of duo board on table

Duo Board Features at a Glance

  • Double Sided | Two Surfaces in One
  • Hyper-realistic Textures (1000 DPI)
  • Stain Resistant
  • Wipeable & Washable
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Anti Glare
  • Rigid yet Flexible
  • Travel Bag Available 
  • Easy Set up & Removal
  • Duo Legs & Microfiber Placement Mat Included
image of duo board on table

Double Sided Backdrop Boards

Why a double sided photography backdrop? So you can get the most value for your money with two designs on one board. Wanna change things up? Just flip the board.
If you carry five boards to a shoot in the optional Duo Board bag, you’ve essentially got ten backdrops on-the-go.

double sided image
Top is front & bottom is ​​back of board
coffee being poured
Back of board in use​​

Hyper realistic | Food photography backdrops

image of hands on backdrop

Printed in 1000 DPI (dots per inch) our photography backdrops are built for the highest standards, for the highest level of work. Whether shooting commercial work for a fortune 500 brand or redoing a food menu for a local mom and pop shop our food photography backdrops will over deliver. At V-Flat World  we have a long and strong background in photography, our standards are high. There are alot of photo backdrops out there on the market and from what we have seen they pretty much all under deliver. From poor print quality to poor surface quality to limited size options to limited design options (and usually not the most attractive designs) we felt a need to come in and offer a real solution for professionals.

Our backdrops have been used in Burger King, Subway, Pepsi and Bose commercials, and most likely many other brands we are probably not aware of. 

Two Lightweight & Portable Size Options

duo boards on table

Duo Boards photo backdrops come in two portable and lightweight sizes: 24”x24” (under 2 lbs) and 30”x40” (under 3 lbs). These two backdrop sizes make it easy to create realistic scenes whether you’re in a dedicated photo studio or out on location. 

A Variety of Backdrop Designs

With nearly 40 different anti-glare food photography backdrops to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find something perfect for your needs. Actually, you’ll most likely find several surfaces you need. Our top three best selling Duo Boards are Onyx Marble/Alpine MarbleIced Concrete/Midnight Cement, and Raw Concrete/Vintage Plaster. You can’t go wrong if you start with those three.

When you’re ready for more, check out the rest of our line. From wood and tile, to stone, and the textural bliss of surfaces created by artists in the food photography industry, you’ll find plenty of hyper-realistic inspiration for your next product + food shoot. See some of our board designs below.

image of blue duo board
(front) ​​Cobalt blueberry
image of red duo board
(back) ​​cranberry crimson
image of marble duo board
Marble design ​​in use with Terrazzo
image of green duo board
French clay ​​
image of plaster duo board
Raw ​​concrete

Duo Legs

Duo Legs enable photographers to create a countertop scene or a floor-to-wall set.

Every Duo Board purchase comes with a set of Duo Legs at no extra charge. The purpose of these legs is two-fold:

  1. To hold one Duo Board up as a “wall.”

  2. To keep a Duo Board in place as it plays the part of a tabletop, counter, or floor.

duo legs
Duo Legs in use ​​

Wipeable, Washable & Stain Resistant

food photography setup

So that your creativity isn’t limited, our Duo Boards are super durable and can withstand whatever you want to throw on them, there’s no need for concern when it comes to liquids, spills, and messy foods. Just be sure to promptly clean the board as they’re stain-resistant and not stain-proof.

Duo Board Bag

A sleek, optional Duo Board Bag is available for photographers who need an even better way of storing and transporting their Duo Boards. 

Like the Duo Boards, these bags come in two sizes to fit either the 24” x 24” or the 30” x 40” board. Each bag comfortably fits five boards. 

A handy, zippered outer pocket keeps necessities like the included microfiber cloth and Duo Legs safe. The main compartment is also zippered—and padded—to protect your boards. 

To make transport as easy as possible, the bag comes with a shoulder strap and carry handle.

Click here to see the product page for the Duo Board bag.

image of duo board bag

Microfiber Placement Mat

Because we want your backdrops to last as long as possible, a microfiber placement mat comes with each Duo Board purchase. The purpose of the microfiber mat is to protect the underside of your board while shooting with it as a “countertop” or “floor” surface. Just spread the cloth out on your shooting surface, lay the Duo Board on top and you’re good to go.

Thanks for hanging with us. We hope you learned something new and valuable to add to your bag of tricks. Until next time, feel free to browse the rest of our resources. We’ve got over a 100 videos on our Behind The Scenes page with tips and tricks for photographers and videographers who shoot in all genres.

Want a Duo Board of your very own?

Get these portable, ultra high-definition product + food photography backdrops here.

Are we a replica surfaces dupe or replica surfaces alternative? 

No. We are better in every way possible. 


Love these backdrops!

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Great stuff!!

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Great backdrops definitely needs some for my studio!

Michelle W. June 15, 2022

These backdrops are amazing I own 8 of them. Do you guys plan to come out with more wood options?

James b. June 15, 2022

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