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Article: Shooting a Video Commercial using Duo Boards

Shooting a Video Commercial using Duo Boards

In this captivating video, we unveil the art of crafting mesmerizing video commercials using our innovative Duo Board backdrops, all achieved with just a single light. Join us as we partner with the renowned brand, Cooloo Ice, creators of exceptional alcoholic ices. Witness the launch of their latest sensation – Cocktail Pods, a unique blend of alcohol-infused elixirs designed to be poured over ice and delicately enhanced with water, resulting in an unparalleled, swiftly prepared indulgence.

Discover the true magic of our Duo Boards, their unparalleled realism shining through even under the most minimalist lighting conditions. While renowned for their excellence in photography, these versatile backdrops effortlessly pave the way for the creation of extraordinary videos, promising not just creative satisfaction, but also remarkable profitability. Join us on this journey of innovation and creativity, where visual brilliance meets limitless potential.

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