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Article: The "Cave Lighting" method with V-Flats

The "Cave Lighting" method with V-Flats

In this video we explore "Cave Lighting" which is an awesome technique to get full control of your subject outdoors in any lighting environment. When shooting outside your light can be unpredictable and unflattering. Control is everything in PRO photography and that is why when looking at big budget photoshoots you tend to see tons of huge pieces of gear such as butterfly's and light panels sometimes as big as 20 feet long! With the Cave method you have the ability to block out all unwanted light and gain studio quality lighting right outside.    

Shot using 2 V-Flats

model posing
model blonde

Shot using 2 V-Flats plus 1 on top


Steve Wylie – I was thinking the same thing. I do prefer the open top better and I will have to try with the white top down.

Michael Smith

Do your company offer student discounts?

Shawn Yon

Of the two options presented, I think I prefer the open sky version. The black top darkens the top of her head a bit more than I would prefer. However, it might be a “compromise” to place the V Flat “cover” (if needed) with the white side down, rather than the black side down. What do you think?

Steve Wylie

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