Small businesses, Big impact | Greenwich Village | EP 8 Laibel Schwartz

For this 8th episode, we brought back our first guest of Street Studio, Laibel Schwartz. Laibel blew our minds once with his amazing headshots taken on Wall Street in Manhattan, NY. (See EP 1 of Street Studio This time around, we set out to do something different to see if he could do it again. Just as we had hoped, he exceeded our every expectation in classic Laibel style. The excitement was tangible as we headed through Greenwich Village on a gloomy Monday afternoon to try and brighten the spirits of New York. Our goal: to gift small businesses with beautiful story-telling imagery as they go about their day in their habitat of business. These hardworking men and women exist all over the world, not just in New York, but we thought what better way to show our appreciation for the people keeping New York alive during this pandemic than to step right into their shops and give the world a look into their lives. In this episode, you’ll witness Laibel and his unparalleled charm enter and touch the lives of strangers as they show us what life is like for them. With candid conversations and quite a few laughs, we received inspiration from an old-time guitar maker as he showed us around his shop, tasted some of the best, handcrafted coffee available in the city, and most of all, forged real connections and memories to last long after this episode is over.

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