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Article: Styling & Shooting Our New Wood Slats Duo Boards

Styling & Shooting Our New Wood Slats Duo Boards

Hey everyone! We're thrilled to share something exciting we've been working on here at V-Flat World: the newย "Wood Slats" Duo Boards. If you love the chic, modern vibes of boutique hotels, especially the stunning exterior entrance of the One Hotel in Brooklyn, you're going to adore these boards.

Imagine having the elegance of the One Hotel's beautiful wood slat walls right in your own photography studio. These boards feature two gorgeous finishes: a light, airy wood on one side and a rich, dark wood on the other. They're perfect for creating that upscale, modern look in your product photos, food shots, or any creative project you have in mind.

Shooting with Style

Today, we're styling and shooting some images to show off these beautiful boards. We're using a Canon R5 with a 100mm macro lens, tethered directly to Lightroom on a MacBook. This setup lets us see every detail and make sure we're capturing the perfect shot.

The theme we're going for is modern and fresh, echoing that boutique hotel style. For the floor, we're pairing the wood slats with a cool, concrete cement look to keep things contemporary. And for those of you using our first-generation legs, we've made some fantastic updates. The new legs are more stable, especially with the larger boards, and they hold up the Duo Boards perfectly without relying on an L-bracket.

Setting the Scene

We're starting with some greenery โ€“ a little fake plant for a pop of color in the background. It's amazing how something so simple can bring life to the shot. Weโ€™re also adding a few props in the foreground to complete the look. One of the props, a candle, smells delicious and adds a cozy touch to the setup.

V-Flat World Wood Slats Duo Board for product photography.

Lighting Matters

Lighting is crucial in photography, especially for product shots. We're using continuous lighting with an Aputure Amaran 300C. Continuous lights are great because you can see exactly how the light interacts with different surfaces in real-time. This is particularly important when shooting objects with various textures and reflections. For example, towels and metal items reflect light differently, so having the ability to adjust on the fly is a game-changer.

A Cool Trick with the Light Cone

One of the coolest tools we use is the Karl Taylor Light Cone, which is fantastic for shooting metallic objects. We demonstrated this with a soap dispenser, showing how the LIght Cone helps manage reflections and highlights. It's all about making sure every shot looks its best.

Soap dispenser comparison photos with and without the Karl Taylor Light Cone.

Finishing Touches

We're also experimenting with different props, like a lavender plant, to give us more options and add variety to our shots. After we've captured the light wood slat side, we'll flip the board to the darker side and get some stunning shots there too.

We're super excited about these new "Wood Slats" Duo Boards and can't wait to see how you use them in your own projects. They bring a slice of that stylish Brooklyn hotel vibe straight to your workspace, making every shot feel fresh and modern.

Wood Slats Duo Board Used in Video

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