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Article: Transforming UberEats Food into Stunning Advertising Images | EP 2

Transforming UberEats Food into Stunning Advertising Images | EP 2

As a photographer, have you ever considered the potential of turning your Uber Eats deliveries into captivating advertising images? In the world of food photography, this unique concept presents an exciting opportunity to explore and enhance your still life photography skills while overcoming various challenges that arise during a shoot.


jimwphotos @ instagram, I photograph for UberEats and DoorDash menus. Good tips.. Thank you!


Learning a lot.


I love this. I have used your V-Flats for several years now and am branching into food photography. I can’t wait to use the Duo Boards. Thank you for your great demonstrations!

Krisleen Jones

Thank you for all the videos showing how to use your products creatively. Love my V-Flat, now saving for a Duo-Board to try taking food and product images. Thanks again!

Nancy Caldwell

This was a great idea, would love to win one of the boards and try out some cool product shots.


I especially liked the “messy” shot. And I’m impressed with how the boards are stain resistant and washable.
Great demo. Took the ‘fear’ out of product shots. Looking forward to doing better at this.
Thank you.

Bob Leishman

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