Ordering Uber Eats & making pro advertising images | IHOP pancakes

Ordering food from Uber Eats has become a commonplace practice for many of us, indulging in the convenience and variety it offers. However, as a photographer, have you ever considered the potential of turning your Uber Eats deliveries into captivating advertising images? In the world of food photography, this unique concept presents an exciting opportunity to explore and enhance your still life photography skills while overcoming various challenges that arise during a shoot.

1. The Art of Problem Solving in Food Photography:

Food photography, like any other genre, demands problem-solving skills to create visually enticing images. Lighting, food styling, and storytelling are vital components that contribute to the overall impact of the photograph. When working with Uber Eats orders, these challenges become even more pronounced as you aim to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary visuals.

a. Mastering Lighting Techniques: Proper lighting is the cornerstone of any successful photograph. Experimenting with different lighting setups and techniques can help you achieve the desired ambiance and highlight the appetizing aspects of the food. From soft, diffused lighting for delicate pastries to dramatic, side-lit setups for savory dishes, your creative choices will bring the food to life.

b. Enhancing Food Appeal: Capturing the essence of deliciousness is crucial in food photography. Through careful composition, color coordination, and strategic placement of garnishes or condiments, you can enhance the appeal of the food. Pay attention to textures, freshness, and mouthwatering details to make your images irresistible.

c. Storytelling and Brand Alignment: In advertising photography, storytelling plays a pivotal role. As you transform Uber Eats orders into advertising images, consider the brand's message and values. Craft a visual narrative that not only showcases the food but also aligns with the brand's identity. Think about incorporating elements that evoke emotions and connect with the target audience.

Food Photography photo
Final photo with graphics added
Product photography photo
Final photo oppisite side of board

2. Overcoming Obstacles and Learning New Tips and Tricks:

Every photoshoot presents its own set of challenges, and working with Uber Eats orders is no exception. Embrace these obstacles as opportunities for growth and learning, and discover new tips and tricks to elevate your still life photography game.

a. Food Styling and Presentation: Transforming takeout food into enticing visuals may require some food styling expertise. Experiment with plating techniques, props, and backdrops that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the dishes. With creative arrangements, you can transform ordinary containers into beautifully presented culinary masterpieces.

b. Dealing with Time Constraints: Uber Eats orders often come with time constraints, as the food needs to be photographed before it loses its visual appeal. This scenario challenges you to think on your feet and work efficiently. Develop strategies to streamline your workflow, such as prepping your set and equipment beforehand, so you can capture the food at its freshest and most appetizing state.

Products used in video


Exploring the realm of food photography by transforming Uber Eats orders into stunning advertising images provides a dynamic opportunity for growth and creativity. Through problem-solving, mastering lighting techniques, enhancing food appeal, and aligning with brand storytelling, you can create captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Embrace the challenges that arise during these shoots as valuable learning experiences, and don't hesitate to experiment with new tips and tricks to continually elevate your still life photography game. So, the next time you order food from Uber Eats, 

consider it not just a meal, but a canvas for your photographic artistry.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand bites!


I’m glad ou picked up the whipped cream instead of the shaving cream at the end.

Rob July 16, 2023

This looks great! Love the idea of Shaving Cream holding up better than Whipped Cream. Any particular brand that is better than the others? Also love the idea of ordering pancakes rather than making them! ha ha!!! The blue back ground was my fav. I have both the blue and the red, but in the smaller version. :-)

Ann Miller - Tobin June 07, 2023

Thank you for the tricks, both of those pictures came out amazing. My favorite was the photo with blue background.💜

Patricia Gheewala June 02, 2023

Love the colors and textures of this duel board!!

Stephen May 31, 2023

Thank You so Much for sharing ! I love your Duo idea & love using the boards with the 2 options . Love the mention on replacements used . I teach summer camps coming up & love to show the kids how food & priduct photography is really shot ;-)

Lisa May 31, 2023

Love Duo Boards! ❤️

Mary May 31, 2023

I hope iHop sees this and uses your photos!
Earn some bank 💰 for doing whatcha love!! ❤️

⭐️ Great job ⭐️

Tracy Ulewicz May 31, 2023

Love the vibrant colors!

Lorraine May 31, 2023

Love to see behind the scenes processes and final product!

Cathy b May 31, 2023

Thanks for this video. I love the creative problem solving regarding the whipped cream

Bob May 31, 2023

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