Photography Backdrops

High-quality, lightweight photography equipment and lighting solutions at affordable costs.

Photography Backdrops

High-quality, lightweight photography equipment and lighting solutions at affordable costs.

Photography Backdrops

High-quality, lightweight photography equipment and lighting solutions at affordable costs.

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Effortlessly set up, shoot, and post high-quality images anywhere, anytime with our collection of professional photography backdrops.


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Lightweight photography gear that makes your job easier without compromising the quality of your art.


Perfectly capture any product or portrait by controlling highlights, light flow, and shadows.


Photo backdrops built by photographers for photographers, ensuring you add value to your brand and functionality to your work.


Granting you the best value for long-lasting photography backgrounds.

Create Professional Images with V-Flat World Photography Backdrops

V-Flat World came to life in the summer of 2018 when Tuvy Lemberg, a former fashion photographer, became fed up due to the challenges of finding and buying the materials needed to make a V-Flat. With V-Flats being so widely used across the professional photography industry, it was quite astonishing that for so long the only option was to DIY.

At V-Flat World, we work with long-range vision. Our goal is to continue innovating while providing functional, hassle-free backdrops for photos so photographers everywhere can continue creating beauty that will transcend them and their companies. Whether your photography project is for an in-studio or on-location shoot, you'll always be ready with an assortment of portable, innovative products from V-Flat World to help take your photography to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photography Backdrops, Backgrounds, and Images

The exact size of photography backdrops will depend on your specific photography project. At V-Flat World, we provide a variety of backdrop sizes including:

V-Flats: Available in 40” x 80” x ½” (each side) and a folded size of 40” x 40” x 2”, our V-Flats are white on one side to create optimum levels of reflection and black on the opposite side to block and/or subtract light.

Duo Boards: Available in 24” x 24” and 30” x 40”, these Duo Boards are ideal for photographing food scenes and everyday lifestyle items. Our Duo Boards are also available in different textures such as wood, marble, and concrete. Whether you are a product photographer, food blogger, or social media expert, our Duo Board photography backdrops will get the job done.

Tabletop V-Flats: Available in 24” x 36” (folded) and 48” x 36” (opened) or 9” x 12” (folded) and 18” x 12” (opened), our Tabletop V-Flats are ideal for photographing small to large products, food, and portraits.

Photography backdrops help you control the lighting and set the scene, helping you to create high-quality, professional images. By gaining control over lighting and the minor details of your work, photography backdrops will provide you with radiant effects. Play with different angles and proportions between the photography backdrop and your subject to find the perfect position. For the best and most up-to-date photo backdrop info, check out our recent articles.

How you light a backdrop for photography will depend on whether you are taking product images, food images, or portraits. For example, if you’re taking portraits your subject should stand approximately 9 inches away from the backdrop itself and the backdrop should be flooded with light. Other subjects will need different lighting.

Check out our helpful articles to learn more about lighting:

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Our collection of photography backdrops are quick and easy to set up so that you can spend more time capturing the picture image. There are countless ways to apply backdrops in your photography, so check out what other artists are doing and learn new techniques. For more information on how to use photography backdrops, check out our Videos & Articles collection.

Our photography backdrop’s material is premium ½” foam core. For specific questions regarding our photography backdrop collections, please contact us

The best material for photography backdrops is lightweight and durable. Your picture backdrop should enhance your images without distracting from the subject/object of the photo.

International shipping of our photo backdrops is available through our resellers, such as BBP Light, BH Photo, or Adorama. Find the complete list of international sellers on our Dealer’s page

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We accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, as well as PayPal and Apple Pay for our photo studio backdrops. We also offer an AfterPay payment option at checkout.

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No, our backdrops for photographers are designed with every type of photographer in mind. Our photographer backdrop products are easy to use regardless of your photography skill level due to our simple, easy-to-use design. If you’re looking for the perfect photo studio backdrop for your project that doesn’t break the bank, look no further than our premium collection.

Due to the versatility and durability of V-Flat World’s professional photo backdrops, they can be used anywhere by artists of all skill levels. While most backdrops require extensive setup and preparation, our high-quality backgrounds are ready in seconds, creating the perfect studio anywhere on the fly. Used by photographers around the world, our photo backdrops take the exhaustion out of outdoor shooting with our lightweight and portable equipment. Not convinced yet? Find out more in our Street Art Series.

Many artists see a huge effect in the quality of their art when using photo backdrops. Take control of the lighting and reflection by implementing professional photography backdrops. The high-quality design allows for a smooth, consistent surface that can be easily adjusted for the ideal photography setup. Provide your audience with substance by using something visually appealing. These backdrops let viewers become engulfed by the intriguing, unique designs. In addition to control and visual enhancement, these professional backdrops can add outstanding contrast to your work.

The decision between photo backdrops is yours and should be made based on the subject that you are photographing. By analyzing the subject of the picture, you will find the perfect professional photography backdrop in V-Flat’s large collection of products. Our preference? We find that having options is the best bet for always having the ideal Background for your photography. By purchasing an assortment of photo studio backdrops, you can be sure that there is a proper selection when you need it. Since every focus point that you photograph will complement a specific background, having multiple will expand your portfolio possibilities. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you’re unprepared, find the perfect photo backdrops.

V-Flat World’s premium photography backdrops are made from a high-quality foam core that folds instead of hanging, to eliminate wrinkling and waves.