Lens Choice In Food Photography

In this video Hudi Greenberger, successful commercial food photographer shows us why lens choice is so important when shooting food. It's important to have a deep understanding of what different focal lengths do to your images and how it can actually make all the difference.


Thank you. I did learn a lot watching this video. From lens to lighting. I’m rather new to shooting tabletop products so yeah, I did learn a lot. I am very encouraged now. I will set up my He-shed and begin experimenting for myself. Thanks again.

Darryl J Barnes May 17, 2022

85 f1.2

Malik April 26, 2022

Very nicely explained. I enjoyed watching.
Thank You Very Much.

John Cicchine April 20, 2022

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“I’m really loving how I can turn into a background, use it to fill shadow or add more shadows, and also as a changing room lol. I’m loving it.”

Jefferson L.