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Article: Light It Like Jeff: Model in a Box | Ep 23

Light It Like Jeff: Model in a Box | Ep 23

In a recent shoot with model Allee Sutton, photographer Jeff Carpenter transports us to an era defined by bold fashion, vibrant colors, and geometric patterns. The setting? A simple yet ingenious setup in his studio involving a box constructed from V-Flat boards.

Watch how Jeff creates the perfect photoshoot of a 60s-era model in a box.

Mastering Light: Illuminating the Vision

Utilizing a Profoto B10 with a snoot as the key light positioned behind him, Jeff achieves the signature hard-lighting effect reminiscent of the era. To soften the contrast, another B10 bounces light into a V-Flat, strategically placed to prevent spillage onto the background and adding some depth. Jeff also uses an optical snoot on a B1 to project some funky circle patterns, adding visual interest to the image.

Crafting the Canvas: The V-Flat Box

Central to Jeff's vision is the V-Flat box – a simple creation that serves as the focal point of the shoot. Constructed from V-Flat boards, the box provides a pristine white enclosure for Allee, its clean lines and stark contrast serving as the perfect backdrop for the final vision. To extend the seamless white surface, a second V-Flat is set up on the floor, coupled with a tri-fold board.

Empowering Collaboration: Enhancing Workflow

With Allee ensconced within the V-Flat box, Jeff devises a solution to streamline the workflow. Tethering to a laptop placed within Allee's view allows her to monitor the images in real-time, making sure they're both on the same page every step of the way.

Check out the final image of our model in a box:

Model with blonde hair in vintage 60s dress trapped in a box with light circle patterns.

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