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Article: Using the Light Cone with a Ring Light for Jewelry Photography

Using the Light Cone with a Ring Light for Jewelry Photography

Hey everyone! Today, we're diving into a cool jewelry photography setup with Tuvy Lemberg, the founder of V-Flat World. Tuvy is here to show us how to use the Light Cone with a ring light to capture stunning images of shiny, gold hoop earrings. Let's dive in!

Setting Up the Shot

Tuvy starts by giving us a quick rundown of the gear he's using. He's got a Canon R5 with a 24-70mm lens, set up for a top-down shot. The camera is mounted securely with a spigot and ball head, and he's tethering directly to his MacBook for immediate feedback. The earrings are scattered elegantly on the setup, ready for their close-up.

Ring light jewelry photography setup with gold earrings.

Before introducing the Light Cone, Tuvy takes a test shot. The results? Not so great. There's a harsh black outline around the earrings, and the direct light is far too harsh, picking up unwanted reflections from the surroundings.

Gold earrings scattered on white surface showing black lines from harsh lighting.

Introducing the Light Cone

This is where the magic happens. Tuvy places the Light Cone – an incredibly useful jewelry photography tool – over the setup, and the difference is night and day. "Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest," he says, and the Light Cone is a perfect example of that – simple but incredibly effective.

Photographer in studio using a Light Cone with a ring light for jewelry photography.

With the Light Cone in place, the light becomes beautifully soft, eliminating harsh shadows and reflections. The gold of the earrings shines perfectly, making them look absolutely stunning and ready for listing on an eCommerce website.

Gold earrings shot with a Light Cone to diffuse light.

Optimizing with a Ring Light for Jewelry Photography

Tuvy also shares his love for the ring light in this setup. The round shape of the ring light complements the Light Cone perfectly, providing even, diffused lighting. However, there's a key tip he emphasizes: keep the light higher up.

To demonstrate, Tuvy lowers the ring light closer to the cone and takes another shot. While the result is still better than without the cone, it's not quite as good. The light is too close and isn't diffusing properly. Raising the light back up gives the best results, creating soft, even lighting that makes the earrings pop.

Light Cone Sizes

Tuvy wraps up by talking about the different sizes of the Light Cone. The one he's using is the large version, with a base diameter of 20 inches, which means it can fit a lot of different items underneath. There's also a medium size and a "phone cone" specifically designed for smartphone photography.

Tuvy highly recommends the Light Cone for anyone looking to improve their product photography. Whether you're a professional photographer or just starting out, this simple yet powerful tool can make a huge difference in your photos.

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I have necklace jewelry, different lengths. Id love to use your cone but Im tryin to figure this out. I have a neck display thats 21 inches tall that I can show different lengths of my necklaces. chokers, 16 in, 18 inches, and 22 inches. and longer.
How could use your products.


Is there an option of connecting two large light cones together to photograph a 32” handmade sword?


Now I have to get a ring light :) I’ve been using the large light cone to photograph fountain pens. They look great however, I often get a reflection of the camera in the clip (as a dark spot or streak). Can you suggest a way of getting around that? Do you think that the ring light would help?


I bought my wife as a surprise who was struggling in jewelry photography and my nightmare ended! Now going to buy large cone. The results are amazing.

Melih A Turkmen

Great video! For using the phone cone, do you recommend a ring light, as well? Someone in the Amazon comments mentioned “It doesn’t work around anything that has a round bulb cover, as it throws half circle lights through the cone.” Or are the types of lights (3) used in the product video with the woman better for the phone cone? Thank you for the help!

Stacy Lee

Beautiful result just purchased the set of cones and going to buy a ring light. Is there one you would recommend?


Thank you for this great info


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