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Article: Using The Light Cone With a Ring Light For Jewelry Photography

Using The Light Cone With a Ring Light For Jewelry Photography

“Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest.” Using an 18-inch ring light and a large Light Cone, V-Flat Founder, Tuvy Lemberg, walks us through how easy and efficient it is to shoot jewelry with the Light Cone. It’s a simple yet highly effective setup that cuts down on shoot time and editing so you can quickly list your images for e-commerce or catalog.

The Light Cone casts soft, even, flattering light onto your products while eliminating unsightly reflections and shadows. Shiny, reflective, and difficult-to-shoot objects are now quick and easy to photograph. 

Spend less time working on your product photography and more time selling and getting paid!! 

Check out all three Light Cone sizes to suit a variety of your product photography needs:

Medium Light Cone - 12” height with a 5” top diameter and 13” base diameter

Large Light Cone - 18” height with a 5” top diameter and 20” base diameter

Phone Light Cone - 12” height with a 1.5” top diameter and 14” base diameter (take professional-looking images of small products with your smartphone)

Get all three Light Cones with our Kit, here:


0:21 Gear & setup (Canon R5 with 24-70 lens on a ball head and spigot tethered to a MacBook)
0:45 Before image of gold earrings without The Light Cone
1:05 Watch The Light Cone work its magic in real-time
1:25 Final image of gold earrings with The Light Cone
1:36 Why a ring light is perfect for The Light Cone
1:48 Where to position a ring light with the light cone


Is there an option of connecting two large light cones together to photograph a 32” handmade sword?


Now I have to get a ring light :) I’ve been using the large light cone to photograph fountain pens. They look great however, I often get a reflection of the camera in the clip (as a dark spot or streak). Can you suggest a way of getting around that? Do you think that the ring light would help?


I bought my wife as a surprise who was struggling in jewelry photography and my nightmare ended! Now going to buy large cone. The results are amazing.

Melih A Turkmen

Great video! For using the phone cone, do you recommend a ring light, as well? Someone in the Amazon comments mentioned “It doesn’t work around anything that has a round bulb cover, as it throws half circle lights through the cone.” Or are the types of lights (3) used in the product video with the woman better for the phone cone? Thank you for the help!

Stacy Lee

Beautiful result just purchased the set of cones and going to buy a ring light. Is there one you would recommend?


Thank you for this great info


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