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Article: Light It Like Jeff: Shooting a 70's Denim Look | Ep 27

Light It Like Jeff: Shooting a 70's Denim Look | Ep 27

In the latest installment of "Light It Like Jeff," our creative photographer gives a nod to the funky aesthetic of the 1970s. 

Teaming up with model Allee Sutton and master hairstylist Matt Smith, Jeff transformed a wood-paneled room into a time machine, transporting viewers back to the era of disco balls and bell-bottoms.

Setting the Stage for a 70's Themed Photoshoot

Central to the setup was the V-Flat, strategically positioned to control natural light while allowing just enough reflection to enhance Allee's sunglasses.

A Profoto A2, adorned with a quarter cut of CTO gel, filled the room with a warm, nostalgic glow, perfectly complementing the retro theme. Meanwhile, an A10 nestled in the corner, casting gentle uplight against the wood paneling, adding depth and accentuating the room's ambiance. Lastly, an overhead A2 with a 2.7 Clic Octa softbox completed the ensemble, evoking the illusion of a classic pendant light.

Blending Light and Shadow

Jeff's skillful coordination of lights resulted in a harmonious interplay of hues and shadows. The final image wasn't just a photo; it was a window into a world of 70s nostalgia.

As the final shot emerged, Jeff's vision came to life – a perfect blend of retro charm and modern artistry. It's a reminder that with careful planning and creativity, a simple setup can transport viewers to another time and place.

70s themed photoshoot of woman in retro sunglasses and denim outfit.

V-Flat Used in Video


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