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Article: How to Use V-Flats in Boudoir photography

How to Use V-Flats in Boudoir photography

Three Creative ways to use V-Flats for Boudoir:

1. The Split technique

In this technique, we use the white and black side of the V-Flats side by side. To do so, we open two V-Flats in the shape of an “L” and put them together in a way that one side is white, and the other side is black. The subject must be right in the middle to block the visible gap. This will save you time in the editing room.

Lighting is the key here. We need two lights to achieve this technique. One light is facing the white side and does two things: 1. Blows out the highlights for a clean white background. 2. Bounces the light to the subject and creates a soft highlighted edge.

2. The Stacking Technique

In this technique we open two V-Flats in the shape of an “L” and stack them in front of each other with enough of a gap to fit the subject in-between. Just like the split technique, one V-Flat must face the camera with the white side, and the other with the black side. Which side to choose depends on the subject’s outfit or skin tone. The goal is to create contrast. Then we place a stool, apple box, or posing tube in between the V-Flats, so the subject can use it to support their pose. Lighting is very important here. We need two lights to do two things. The first light facing the white surface and blowing out the whites, and second is facing the subject to create nice highlights on the subject. The trick here is to avoid the spill of light on the black surface of the V-Flat. I use honeycomb grids to narrow and control the light.

3. The Dividing Technique

With this technique we use only one V-Flat that is folded with the black side facing the camera. We also use one large modifier to divide the light. We then place the subject in front of the V-Flat. The distance between the subject and the V-Flat depends on the power of your light and your creative decision. The idea here is to split the light and get two narrow highlights on the curves of each side of the subject.

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As a boudoir photographer, I have Been experimenting with these V-Flats. I love Them. I’m definitely going to be trying these!


Very much enjoyed the use of the V-Flats very creative!

William J Kay

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