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Article: InStudio: 3 Creative & Unique Portrait Setups | Jacklyn Lune

InStudio: 3 Creative & Unique Portrait Setups | Jacklyn Lune

It’s V-Flat time again. Why not? After all, we love us some V-Flats around here. Jersey photographer Jacklyn Lune is showing us three creative ways to shoot portraiture with the first two setups using V-Flats and lights (both natural and artificial).

Each set is completely different with three different models and three different backgrounds. Ready to watch and learn? Let’s go!

Bouncing a Bare Bulb Profoto D2 Into a White Foldable V-Flat

The first setup involves a cyc wall behind the model (Rania) and a white V-Flat behind Jacklyn with one Profoto D2 bounced into it to create soft light. Let’s quickly go over some lighting 101: The larger the light source in relation to the subject, the softer the light. And at over 6.5 feet in either direction, a white V-Flat easily becomes a large light source when placed relatively close to the model as seen above.

“We’re not looking for anything sharp or intense,” Jacklyn said. “Just something soft enough that’s gonna wrap around the model’s face.”

However, after shooting a few rounds with her Sony Alpha A7R III and 85mm f/1.8, Jacklyn noticed the need for some chin fill to brighten up the shadow under Rania’s chin. A foldable V-Flat placed near Rania’s waist solved the issue by bouncing light into the lower portion of Rania’s face.

The result? A flawless portrait with smooth, even lighting. Perfection.

Shooting in Studio With Natural Light and a V-Flat

Moving into the natural light studio, we arrive at a scene with a decidedly more colorful and earthy vibe. The backdrop pops with a bright blue that plays nicely off a green plant, the warm tones of a chair, and the wood floor.

This time, model Larissa joins us in studio for a few natural light portraits. If you don’t yet own lighting equipment or shoot exclusively with natural light, this one’s for you.

Switching from her Sony 85mm f/1.8 to a brand new toy, the Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II lens, Jacklyn saw that the overcast sky created just enough window light to camera left but presented the issue of insufficient light to camera right (the model’s left side).

And here we face the balancing act of natural light photography. “If I bumped [the ISO] up, her [right] side would be too overexposed and we really don’t want that. Also, she has darker skin… and we do not want to wash out her skin.” 

So to balance the light on both sides of Larissa, Jacklyn used a white V-Flat just outside the chair next to her to bounce light into the darker areas of the image. Such a quick fix.

Here’s the final image with Larissa looking like a goddess. Lovely portrait, Jacklyn.

Using Two Profoto D2s and a Muslin Backdrop to Create a Fine Art Portrait

For the third and final portrait, let’s tiptoe into the ethereal world of a ballerina with angel wings. Jacklyn explained, “For this look we are creating more of a fine art style.”

Clad in a white leotard with massive, head-to-toe, white feather wings and pointe shoes, Ameena struck pose after elegant pose in front of a brown-hued muslin backdrop.

A Profoto D2 stood as the main light with a 60” Octabox at a 45 degree angle to Ameena. The other D2, outfitted with a zoom reflector,  “is going to be behind her creating a hair light, or more of a halo effect that I want,” Jacklyn said.

Shooting once again with her new Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II, Jacklyn set her Sony A7R III to ISO 100 with a shutter speed of 1/60 and an aperture of 2.8.

“I have everything ready, so let’s get the shot.” And get the shot she did. It’s a beauty.

Be sure to check out more of Jacklyn’s work by clicking on her site under the “Get Connected” section below.

Gear and Settings

Camera: Sony Alpha A7R III

Lens: Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 and Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II

Lights: Profoto D2

Modifiers: V-Flat, 60” Octabox, Zoom Reflector

Get Connected

Photographer: Jacklyn Lune,

Model: Rania

Model: Larissa 

Model: Ameena 

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