Light it Like Jeff: Two Lights and Two V-Flats | Ep 22

Using two lights and two V-Flats, Jeff Carpenter and model Allee-Sutton are back to create unique, lavender-tinged images to promote a hair extension company. The key light is a snooted Profoto B1 with a circular insert to cast a circle-shaped light around Allee’s head. The second light is a lavender-gelled Profoto B10 bounced into a white V-Flat to throw a pale purple glow onto the rest of the image.

This two-light setup creates an image where Allee’s face and head are lit with neutral light (no color cast) from the snooted B1 while the rest of the image shows up under lavender light. The snoot restricts the spread of light and offers creative control over where Jeff wants the viewer to focus (which is Allee’s face and hair). It also effectively blows out the color from the lavender-gelled B10.

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Photographer: Jeff Carpenter @readylightmedia 

Model: Allee-Sutton @alleesutton

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