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How to Shoot a FAKE Sunny Outdoor Portrait... INDOORS!

Chicago-based portrait photographer, Manny Ortiz, shows us how to fake a sunny outdoor portrait — indoors at his photo studio, using an Aputure Light Storm 600d LED light, a Westcott Optical Spot, ...

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vflats manny ortiz

How to Create Jaw Dropping Vintage Photos in 3 Minutes | Manny Ortiz

Test your photography skills with this exercise: create a vintage photo in under three minutes. Watch as Manny Ortiz and his wife Diana blend modern techniques with classic charm for stunning results!

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Manny Ortiz demonstration and review of our V-Flat-V-Flat World

Manny Ortiz Demonstration and Review of Our V-Flat (Video)

In this video, Manny Ortiz takes some portraits in the studio using portable V-Flats and talks about how to use them! Watch his V-Flat review now!

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