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Article: Introducing: The Light Cone x Karl Taylor | 360 Diffusion for Product Photography

Introducing: The Light Cone x Karl Taylor | 360 Diffusion for Product Photography

Say goodbye to pesky highlights ruining your shots with the Karl Taylor Light Cone! This nifty tool is a game-changer for product photographers, offering 360-degree light diffusion that takes the hassle out of shooting reflective objects. From glossy jewelry to shiny gadgets, the Light Cone delivers flawless results with ease.

Light Cone set up in a photography studio.


  • 360 DIFFUSION 






Shower head before and after pics taken without and with the Karl Taylor Light Cone.
Tea kettle product photography images.

Karl Taylor

Crafted by Karl Taylor himself, a seasoned pro with decades of studio experience, this photography light cone is designed for perfection. Its optimal optical density guarantees smooth surface gradations, giving your products that professional polish they deserve.

Karl Taylor demonstrating his light cone in his studio.

Who Is the Light Cone For?

Perfect for e-commerce, catalogs, and websites, the Karl Taylor Light Cone is a must-have for anyone serious about product photography. Whether you're shooting for a big brand or running your own online store, this product lighting tool will elevate your images to the next level.

Available in three sizes to accommodate a range of products, the Light Cone is versatile and resilient. Pair it with any light source you prefer – studio lights, LEDs, or even desk lamps – for flexibility in your setup.

The Phone Cone

Don't let your lack of photography experience hold you back! The phone version of the Light Cone is perfect for beginners looking to achieve professional-looking product photos. Whether you're selling on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace, this product photo lighting cone will make your listings stand out from the crowd.

Necklace before and after pics using light cone for product photography.
Comparison of Rolex watch photos taken on iPhone with Karl Taylor Light Cone.

Transform Your Product Photography with the Karl Taylor Light Cone

Illuminate your products like a pro with the Light Cone – your secret weapon for conquering tricky lighting situations. Say goodbye to reflections and hello to picture-perfect results, every time.

To be sure you're getting the most out of your photography light cone, check out our Light Cone Tips & Tricks on our YouTube channel. With a little guidance, you'll be taking stunning product photos in no time!


We’ve got over 100 videos on our Behind the Scenes page with tips and tricks for photographers and videographers of all genres.


How large a work surface do you typically work on in the studio??

Keith Fessler

Who will de distributing the Light Cones in Australia please ?

Trevor Goldsmith

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