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Article: Photography Wars: Lindsay Adler VS Dani Diamond

Photography Wars: Lindsay Adler VS Dani Diamond

Pro Photographers go head-to-head. In this brand new series, we’ll be challenging professional photographers to showcase their talents under pressure. With years of experience in the photography and fashion industries, Lindsay Adler is quite the pro. With a rich understanding of artificial and studio lighting, Lindsay’s skills will be put to the test in a timed challenge against Dani Diamond. Dani Diamond works with fashion as well, but unlike Lindsay he loves the natural light. Shooting outdoors may be bright and scary for Lindsay but Dani is in his element as he [talks sh*t and] utilizes the backdrop-lined NYC streets to compose something magnificent. Sit back and vote on your favorites to determine the winner of the first ever episode of Photography Wars!


SO much fun!
Having loved their respective work and followed both over the years; I tried to predict what the final images would look like as they were shooting.
As always, though… they each excelled.
Not possible to decide a “Winner”, imo.

Theresa A Johnson

This was amazing!! I love them both, really fun to watch! hope to see more of this!


Absolutely loved them both! Each brought something unique to the table and both created excellent shots.

Liz Marzoa

The viewers won !!! And learned !

Christopher VanDyke

I love natural light… but I’m blown away by Lindsay’s artistic eye. Her shots are stunning!


I just love Danny! AND natural light.


This was amazing. Love them both, and to see them working it on the streets of NYC was too cool. AND, shooting each other? Fabulous!
What a great concept!


Love, love, love… Great job by everyone :)


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