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Article: Positioning Your Product for Perfect Results | The Light Cone

Positioning Your Product for Perfect Results | The Light Cone

When shooting through a Light Cone we are often shooting in a top down position or on a slight Angle. 

And as such you may find that you actually want to angle or elevate your products. For example we can stick a product on top of a small block if we want to soften the shadow under the product when we are using the Light Cone.

We can also use angled blocks, so for example if you want to put your product on a slight tilt/angle like Karl does in the video, you can do so easily.

You can also stick on blue or white sticky tact directly to the product to fix it in your desired position and get it to stay put.

Now you can even get more creative than that, by using the Light Cone in a vertical position to allow you to photograph objects that can only be take in their vertical format because they may have liquid or something else inside.

So whatever product it is your shooting just a little bit of creative thinking with different platforms, blocks, and some sticky tact you can usually overcome the problem of positioning your product. 

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