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Article: Using V-Flats for Clean E-Commerce & Fashion Photography | Phloshop

Using V-Flats for Clean E-Commerce & Fashion Photography | Phloshop

In today's video, Joseph Carlyle Amoateng of Phloshop dives into the practical use of V-Flats in a one-light studio setup, ideal for e-commerce and fashion photography. Watch as he guides us through the process of setting up and utilizing V-Flats to create vibrant, soft lighting, and explains why this versatile tool is a game-changer for photographers.

Using V-Flats for Soft and Controlled Lighting

After unboxing a brand new V-Flat, Joseph sets it up in his studio to begin a fashion photoshoot. The goal is to bounce light onto his model, aiming for a soft, evenly spread light. He explains that adjusting the angle and spread of the V-Flat can control the focus and intensity of the light. For instance, closing the V-Flat slightly focuses the light more, while opening it wider spreads the light further.

Fashion photoshoot setup using strobe reflected off V-Flat.

During the shoot, Joseph uses a strobe light, a Canon R5 camera, and a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. He emphasizes the importance of adjusting camera settings to achieve the desired exposure. Initially, his ISO is too high, causing overexposure. By lowering the ISO and adjusting the light's distance from the V-Flat, he achieves a balanced exposure with a clean background and well-lit subject.

Enhancing Depth with Additional V-Flats

To add depth and drama to his fashion shots, Joseph introduces a second V-Flat, using its black side to absorb light and create more contrast. This technique helps prevent the light from becoming too flat and ensures that the subject has defined shadows and highlights, adding dimension to the images.

Throughout the shoot, Joseph experiments with various poses and compositions, directing his model to ensure that the clothing and accessories are well-framed. He also captures detail shots, focusing on specific elements like sleeves, collars, and accessories to highlight the product's features.

Close-up fashion shots of black purse and model holding collar of her light brown sweater.

Practical Tips and Final Thoughts

Joseph shares several practical tips for using V-Flats in e-commerce and fashion photography effectively:

  • Transport and Setup: V-Flats are easy to carry and set up, making them ideal for on-location shoots.
  • Versatility: The dual-sided nature allows for both bouncing and absorbing light, giving photographers creative control over the lighting.
  • Adjustability: By modifying the V-Flat’s position and angle, photographers can control the light’s spread and intensity, achieving the desired effect.

The video really shows how useful V-Flats are for creating professional-looking images in e-commerce and fashion photography. With V-Flats, photographers can achieve soft, vibrant lighting that enhances the subject’s appearance and brings out the best in their shots. Check it out!

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